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    Hi there,

    sounds like an interesting idea. However this Web SDK seems to require a lot of coding as well as the API before. That is a bummer.

    Is it not possible for you to develop some more options to choose from within the dashboard so that Zendesk Chat users that are not experienced with coding have also the possibility to customize the Chat widget a little further?

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Kundenbetreuung,

    Can you let us know what specifically you want to customize with the out-of-the box widget? Most of the customization flexibility is done via the Javascript APIs and the Web SDK, with the Javascript APIs having a lower barrier to implement.

    There is a community tip with a tool to make using the JS API easier:


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    Hi Ramin, thanks for your reply.

    We've posted a lot of ideas directly within your feedback forum and you always told us that we can only do this by using Web SDK or API.

    However, I think it does not make sense to tell you all the requests again, because they can be already found in the feedback forum.

    Overall it is kind of disappointing that there is - compared to a lot of other live chat competitors out there - not that much of customization options directly within the dashboard.

    We think that Zendesk is still more focusing on HelpDesk and Email ticketing software. Is that right?

    It would be nice if you'd start to offer some more options for the Chat product as well because there are so many other chat competitors out there and we are thinking about changing to another one for a longer time already.


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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Thanks Kundenbetreuung. I have commented on all your previous requests in the product feedback forum, was more curious if you had anything else.

    For significant customization functionality, we believe that allowing for Javascript APIs and now the Web SDK is the best route forward. Most customization requests are very specific to a customer or brand and it doesn't make sense to make the product/settings more complicated to please the minority of our customer base. 

    Zendesk is still fully committed to Chat, the Singapore office is primarily working on improving the chat product.


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    Joerg Klaas

    Hi, are there already recommendations/experiences on building chatbots instead of the currently rule-based responses? That would be a great improvement...

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi there Joerg,

    Good question, we have a couple customers exploring the bot integration but nothing is live in terms of examples or testimonials that I can share with you. Most are using 3rd party bot frameworks and append the bot chat log to the Chat session using the sendChatMsg Web SDK API when it needs to be handed over to a real human agent. 

    As more customers adopt the Web SDK and build bot integrations, we can look into building additional content on best practices to share with others interested in building something similar.


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    Senior Service Coordinator 1


    We are simply trying to extend the size of the chat box so that we can fit in more comprehensive replies to customer inquiries.

    Here is the code we found about this task -    

    We then preceded contact 4 of your 'supposed' Support Parners -

    Two had difficulty understanding who ZenDesk was - Indonesian and Indian 'partners'.

    The 3rd quote said we had to build a new platform and this would cost 1,000's to complete.

    The 4th I am still waiting for a reply. 

    All we want to do is extend the chat box to the top of the device - your SDK kit is very limited and your partner's have either no idea or want a ridiculous amount of money for something that should be quite basic.

    We are considering other chat applications now - the current default options are far too limiting. 

    I read a lot of comments in this forum - Zendesk you have millions - why not spend 50K on your half ass SDK package so that we can easily customise the look and feal of the chat box. 

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi there Senior Service Coordinator,

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry that the partners you have reached out to are not aware of the Web SDK. As it is fairly new, some partners are still learning the APIs themselves.

    For the sample code, you can make the widget docked (full height of browser) by changing this file:

    As the Web SDK is open and the sample code on GitHub is open sourced, you can do anything you want but need the technical know how (or somebody that does) to develop a widget using the Web SDK.

    Finally, let's try and keep the conversation and feedback civil please. The Web SDK is a new product and we are still building on top of the initial release. If all you want is a full height widget, it is possible in the open source sample code in GitHub.


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