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Customers hate waiting longer than a minute for support and the average chat conversation is resolved within the first 10 minutes. So, when you have high chat volume, there’s very little time for you to ensure your agents are coping and customers remain happy.

The Real-Time Monitor dashboard keeps you on track with an overview of key chat metrics, including queue size, customer wait times, and chat satisfaction, on a single screen. Customers have been using this at-a-glance view to monitor current chat demand and update agent assignments accordingly.

Better allocation of resources leads to reduced wait times and increases customer satisfaction.

Today, we’re introducing a revamped Real-Time Monitor dashboard that lets you keep an eye on the metrics that matter to you. Take a look at the updated look and feel of Real-Time Monitor and dive into the new metrics and features.


Additional real-time metrics give you a clearer overview

In addition to the current metrics in Real-Time Monitor, we’re adding three new sets:

  1. Agent availability: Currently, Monitor only shows the online agent count. We are making agent status monitoring more granular by showing the number of agents logged in, away, and invisible. This should help you ensure you have sufficient staff to handle incoming chat volume.agent-activity.png
  2. Chat duration: You can now see the average and longest duration of ongoing chats. This is essential to ensure you are meeting your targets and agents stay on
  3. Breakdown of incoming chats: Monitor currently shows the number of chats that are waiting in the queue. However, this number does not change if Chat Routing is enabled since chats are automatically assigned. We are making this metric more useful by breaking it down to show exactly how many chats are waiting to be assigned to an agent and how many chats are already assigned to

You can find the full list of Real-Time Monitor metrics in our documentation.

Keep track of relevant metrics by customizing the dashboard

The addition of all these metrics means that the Monitor Dashboard will always have a plethora of constantly updating data. While this is no doubt useful to many, customers who only need data on a couple of key performance indicators may be overwhelmed.


So, we’re now letting you pick and choose which metrics you want to see on your dashboard.

Filter metrics by individual department

The revamped Monitor dashboard now lets you filter the real-time view by department. This lets you see chat metrics for each specific group of agents. This becomes particularly useful if you are managing multiple brands on one Chat account or you have agents from different regions.


Thirty-minute rolling update windows

In the past, the Real-Time Monitor dashboard showed “missed chats” and “satisfaction ratings” from the time you opened the Monitor dashboard. For example, if you logged into the dashboard 15 hours ago, you would see all the missed chats you had in that time. To ensure this data is more up to the minute, the missed chats and satisfaction ratings counters will be updated in 30-minute windows regardless of when you first opened the dashboard.

This should ensure you have the most up to the minute information about your chat and agent performance.

Extract chat metrics with our Real-Time API

Our extensive updates to Real-Time Monitoring ensure that you have a wide range of actionable metrics on chat and agent activity. However, if you’d prefer to build you own dashboard or simply pipe your data to an external service, you can use our Real-Time APIs to extract any metric you want. Read our Real-Time API documentation for more details.

Get Started with Real-Time Monitor

The revamped Monitor lets you customize the dashboard, so you keep an eye on the metrics that matter.

If you’re on Chat Premium, the revamped Real-Time Monitor and APIs are available immediately. Head over to the Chat Dashboard, and navigate to Monitor.

If you’re on any other plan, upgrade today and get immediate access to Real-Time Monitor.

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