Ending Dashboard Support for Internet Explorer 10 and below Follow

On February 28 we will be permanently ending support for the following browsers:

  • On the Dashboard: Internet Explorer 10 and below
  • For the chat widget: Internet Explorer 8 and below

As we innovate and build new features for Zendesk Chat, it’s important that we continue to adopt modern standards in our product. This means having to balance new features and functionality, with supporting older technologies.

A small fraction of our customer base (less than 0.2%) accesses the Zendesk Chat Dashboard using IE10 or an older browser. As such, and since Microsoft has stopped releasing security patches and other updates for most versions of IE 10 and below, we have decided to stop supporting and testing on IE10 and below. This means that although you will still be able to log in using older browsers, some parts of the Dashboard may become inaccessible or cease to function altogether.

We will also stop supporting the chat widget on IE8 or older. This means that if your customers are coming to your website using IE8 or older, they will not be able to access the Zendesk Chat widget. All other functionality on your website will remain intact.

To continue using Zendesk Chat we would recommend checking which browser you are using, and upgrading to a newer version if it’s IE10 or below.

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