Using Google Analytics with Zendesk Chat

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  • Stu Bowker

    Do the Google Analytics events still automatically fire if GA itself is also served from GTM?

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    This article isn't very clear, so any clarification on the following will be most welcome!

    Firstly, you mention "Served by Operator" twice... is one of them supposed to be "Chat Served by Operator"

    Also, and using an example for one of our brand's metrics for a specific month:

    Here are my doubts:

    1. Why can't we see "Button Clicked"?
    2. What's the difference between "Chat Served by Operator" and "Served by Operator"? Why the huge discrepancy?
    3. What can be the cause for the number of "Served by Operator" being way higher than the "Chat Request Form Submitted"?
    4. What does "Chat Opened" represent?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I've selected a 3-month period, and now I see Button Clicked, and others - prev. questions still apply, though :)


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