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  • Andreas Schuster

    We are using Facebook global pages and have therefore three different profiles, is it really not possible to add more than one profile with Zendesk Message?

  • Izaty Hakim

    Hi, is zendesk message a complimentary feature that comes with zendesk chat? or the pricing structure is different. i cant find zendesk message price in your website. 

    Also, does it have capability for us to add other channels with bots like Telegram? i saw there is an add on app called telegram connect to link telegram bot to zendesk support here Can we use this for zendesk chat too? 

    Once i have linked zendesk message to FB & Line (that i have deployed 3rd party bots there), i will be able to do smooth handover to agents if i follow these steps right?  


    look forward to hearing from u. 

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Izaty,

    Message comes with any paid Chat subscription. Currently, you cannot connect Telegram to the service and we have no immediate plans to add it in 2018. 

    Bot handover should work yes, you can email if you need help with that.




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