Adding and managing channels and profiles

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  • Andreas Schuster

    We are using Facebook global pages and have therefore three different profiles, is it really not possible to add more than one profile with Zendesk Message?

  • Jeremy Seow

    Hi Andreas,


    As part of today's Zendesk Message release, we actually start to allow multiple profiles to be connected to a single page. You can now connect up to 5 Facebook profiles to a single Zendesk Message page. 

  • Leigh Bible

    Is there a clear way in the message to tell what page/brand they are contacting from? My team supports multiple brands, so knowing the brand is important. 

  • Jeremy Seow

    Hi Leigh,

    That is indeed something we are working on right now. You can probably expect to see this improvement land in the coming months!

  • Tamer Dahdul


    If you add Instagram support it would be great, and an fb "Like" button in the zendesk message replay area like the rating button will be great too.

    Best Regards

  • Jeremy Seow

    Hi Tamer,

    Thanks for the feedback! Instagram is certainly a channel of interest, however they do not have a messaging API right now. 

    Can you explain a little what you mean by a like button? Are you referring to the button which sends a thumbs up when pressed like in messenger?


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