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    Michael Ruiz

    Muy buena opción para conectarnos con nuestros clientes por redes sociales. Es posible que al cerrar una conversación se genere un ticket en zendesk?

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    Abhiroop Basu

    Desafortunadamente, eso no está disponible hoy.

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    Oliver Leung

    I'm on the paid plan. How do i activate it under our account?

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    Thomas Bumgardner

    Ok. So is there a way to get this into the SAME Chat Dashboard? Having two chat dashboards doesn't make sense.

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Thomas,

    Currently, there is no way to put both of them into one dashboard but we are investigating across teams in Zendesk how we can better bring channels together in a single interface.

    We don't have anything to share right now but know we are thinking and working towards solving the pain point :)



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