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    Jacob J Christensen

    This sounds awesome, a few questions come to mind:

    • How is the requester language being detected to show the relevant language?
    • Will chat render styled content from the Dynamic Content?
      I'm thinking hyperlinked text, bold, ordered lists etc.
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    Abhiroop Basu

    Hey Jacob

    Glad to hear you find this useful!

    • What do you mean? We detect based on the text the customer sends and this informs the app.
    • No unfortunately, that won't be possible as Chat does not allow you to customize the text yet.
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    Jacob J Christensen

    Thanks Abhiroop,

    We use the web widget and use the zE.setLocale method to enforce the language on our different domains, was wondering if that had an influence on the way language is detected. 
    But you're saying that it is determined solely on the way Zendesk Chat interprets the content from the requester, is that correct?

    We offer chat support in the Nordics and three of these Scandinavian languages are pretty similar, so I hope the detection is excellent.

    Are there any plans to offer rich text in the agent chat interface?

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    Abhiroop Basu

    Hi Jacob

    Yes that's correct - it detects the text and not the page. 

    Please let us know how it works. I assume it would take a few words for the detection to automatically kick in.

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    Jacob J Christensen

    Any plans to have Dynamic content work in triggered messages also? 

    Would be nice for our Chat rescuer / deflector triggers.

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    Amalia Man

    When will it support liquid markup? We need the ability to use if/else statements in conjunction with Dynamic Content tokens, to separate shortcuts by brand for example.

    This would be nice in chat: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203662146-Understanding-Liquid-markup-and-Zendesk-Support

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