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    Joel Hellman

    How can I share these insights with my agents? It doesn't look like they have access to it (unless they are admins, which isn't desirable to me).

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    Polomi Batra

    Hi Joel - The Agent reports are available for admins only. However, to share the insights with your agents, you can "Export" the reports. 

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    Joel Hellman

    I like the reports, but it's hard to share it and join it with my other business data.

    Any improvements that help with the following would be very welcome:

    • sharing the insights with agents
    • joining the insights with our other insights (from Chat, Support, non-zendesk data)

    If any of the following use cases could be supported, it would help me:

    • my agents can access the Analytics page without being admins
    • I can schedule emailing the export job containing the csv- or zip
    • I can pull Message data through the API
    • I can get the data into GoodData/Insights, from where I can schedule exports

    Each time I want to share or export data from Message Analytics, I go through these steps:

    1. as an admin I log into Zendesk Message
    2. I open Message Analytics
    3. I select a time period
    4. I hit the Export button
    5. I save the .zip to my computer
    6. I extract the csv-files inside the zip
    7. I reformat the csv into a suitable format for agents or joining with other business data
    8. I share my findings with agents and/or pipe it into my other business data
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    Jeremy Seow

    Hey Joel!

    Eventually we want to be able to do a few out of the 4 things you mentioned.

    - Agent see reports without being admins - While I understand the use case here, we also have several customers that have asked for agents to not be able to see the reports which leads us to where we are today. However, in the long run, we certainly want to be able to support custom roles and permissions. With that said, it is not on the immediate roadmap.

    - API - this is actually something that might be coming up in a much shorter time frame. We actually are in a beta where customers can export the raw conversations and compute your own analytics. Will you be interested in this?

    The second stage of the APIs will be for us to allow pulling of the computed metrics itself. That should be coming shortly after we launch the first set of APIs

    - GoodData / Insights - This is also something on the longer term roadmap. Unfortunately, I can't quite give you a timeframe on it.

    Let me know if you are interested in the raw data API, thats something we can get going fairly quickly. The computed metrics, however, will be some time later.

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    Joel Hellman

    Thanks for the detailed and clear answers, Jeremy, it helps me to know where we're at and where we're going. Glad to hear more options to consume the data are on the way!

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