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    I think this article should be updated to reflect the availability of the action "Set Visitor Department".

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    Diego García

    it's possible to get de ticketid trought a placeholder in the chat triggers? 


    Than you

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    Diego García

    Hi, pls help, in this article don't explain the Visitor_status filed. 


    Thank you

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    Karsten Jensen


    What are the conditions for "Visitor Status > Idle"?

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    Alban Leandri

    Still not clear what is the action "Set triggered". What does it mean, practically speaking? Can you provide details and use cases, please?

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    Vivek Mishra

    I want to set platform specific trigger, which fires only on android...

    I have set Visitor Platform = Android

    it's working fine, but when i access same in website using chrome browser on mobile in that case also it is being fired.. How to set a trigger condition that it is fired only on android app and not on any android browsers.

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