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    Chris Ryan (Edited )

    Is it possible for an admin to set the availability of other chat agents? Some of our agents often forget to set themselves as available.

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    Ben Galicki

    Yes! Being able to change another agents status would be very helpful. 

    Also, what are the parameters for being "idle?" It seems to be logging us off even though we are in the chat module. 

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    Kathryn Joseph

    Agreed - We are a small team so that capability is very necessary.  I can control it in 'Talk' why not in 'Chat'.

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    Mike Domin

    +1 for the ability to edit other agents status. 

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    Natalia Jurczuk

    + 1, it comes up quite often that I'd need to change someone's status. 

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    Carlo Enrique Edrada

    Is there a way we can add a widget or API that admins will be able to control the status of the agents. 

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    Joseph Aronez

    +1 for admins to change agents chat status! 

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    Mary H.

    Any updates on this becoming a possibility? It would be a very helpful feature! 

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