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With shortcuts, you can save typing time by inserting common phrases with just a few keys. For example, you might want to create a shortcut that says, "Hi there, how may I assist you today?" You can also use placeholders to pull in visitor and chat session-specific information. 

To create or modify a shortcut

  1. From the dashboard, select Manage Shortcuts
  2. Click Add Shortcuts to create a new shortcut or click on the row of any shortcut to edit it.
  3. In the Shortcut field, enter the abbreviated text you want to use as your shortcut. 
  4. In the Message field, enter the complete phrase or question the shortcut should pull in.
    To pull in visitor-specific details, you can use the placeholders below:
    • {{visitor_name}} - Visitor's name
    • {{visitor_email}} - Visitor's email
    • {{visitor_city}} - Visitor's city (based on IP address)
    • {{visitor_country}} - Visitor's country (based on IP address)
    • {{visitor_browser}} - Visitor's browser
    • {{agent_name}} - Agent's name
    • {{agent_email}} - Agent's email
  5. If your shortcut is for a question with a discrete list of answers, you can also use the Options field to enter answers visitors should select from, such as in the example below:
  6. Click Create Shortcut or, if you're editing an existing shortcut, Save Changes, to finish.

To use a shortcut in a chat

  1. In a chat, start typing a shortcut or a slash (/) to view all shortcuts. The matching shortcut options appear, like in the example below:
  2. Highlight the shortcut you want to insert either by clicking it or by pressing the down arrow and then Enter.
  3. The complete shortcut appears. If your shortcut includes options, they appear with radio buttons when you send the chat. 


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