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  • Ronald Devine

    So after you banned a visitor by this Cookie method or by IP or both. What is the User experience when they come to the Chat Widget next time???

    Does it tell them they are banned or will the widget never appear to them anymore?

    Please post a screen capture example of what it looks like. 

    If it does communicate that they are banned can this text be changed?


  • Jacob J Christensen

    I'm wondering the same as Ronald - how does the banned requester experience coming back after the ban?

    We use the Web widget for chat, webform and self-help, will a ban hide the widget entirely or simply suppress their access to chat?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Ronald and Jacob,

    Good question. If you are using the Chat standalone widget/Web SDK/Mobile SDK and you ban the visitor or use country blacklist settings and the visitor is from a blacklisted country, the widget will not load on the website (no UI) and the Web SDK/Mobile SDK will fail to establish a connection.

    The copy of the error in the Mobile SDK does not say they have been banned, just says there is an error connecting the visitor. 

    For the Web Widget when the contact form or help center is turned on along with Chat, the banned visitor will remain to see the Web Widget but will not see the Chat option in the contact options dropdown. 

    Hope that clarifies the product behaviour across the different widgets and SDKs. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.



  • Lance Le Roux

    HI there, I have a question regarding banning a visitor.
    How can I ban visitor post chat? NOT via API or IP?
    Use case:

    If I agents feel there is a visitor that needs to be reviewed, they pass the ticket over to our Fraud department.
    The Fraud department will then review the visitor and take the necessary action. Suspend the user in Support, block the number in Talk ..... but how do they do it in Chat?


  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Lance,

    Currently, there is no way to do a visitor ID ban post chat. You can do an IP ban post chat and if you want to do a visitor ban instead, the only workaround is to use the REST API:

    When you do a visitor ID, it bans the ID associated with the cookie in the browser. If the person uses another device or browser, the widget will appear for them. IP address bans are more permanent but might not be applicable if the IP address is shared with a building or institution. 

    If you need help using the REST APIs, I would recommend using a tool like Postman:

    You could in theory create a daily task to bulk add the visitor bans using the REST APIs with your fraud department.



  • Lance Le Roux

    Hi there Ramin

    Thanks for the feedback. Is there any plan to develop this option?
    Say if I go to setting > Banned > Add Visitor

    From here I can select a drop-down menu with IP, Visitor ID or email address

    and set a condition that reason is a mandatory field? 

    I would also be helpful to see the agent who requested the ban
    I have attached what I am sure a number of ZD users would like to see.

  • Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Lance,

    Thanks for sharing your mocks. Currently, there are no plans to make changes to the banning feature but we are working on some bug fixes (like paging the list of bans better).

    As Chat looks at adding and supporting other messaging channels, things like IP and email address bans might not be applicable. 

    For the current experience, the only solution I can think of would be triggering the ban via the History tab (since most people won't know the visitor's ID). If/when we update features for banning, we will let you know. 

    Regarding the audit log of which agent logged the ban, add your vote to the request here:



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