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    Maggie Anderson

    Hi there! Is there a way to see, or create a metric that shows an individual agent's AHT or Total Time Spent in chat?

    We are 24/7 and I believe we will have multiple agents on a single chat, so we need to know how much time each individual agent spent on a single chat that is shared with other agents.


    Thank you!

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    Aswin Kannan

    These reports are pointless as they are all generated in UTC. It needs to be in our account time-zone.

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    Robin Dublon

    I agree why are these reports sent at 4pm only? I assume this is the US timezone for these reports, which are useless. I need them daily for reporting activity for the previous day. And having them by the afternoon is useless.

    Can this be changed?

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    Lance Le Roux

    Hi there, I agree with Maggie. AHT is vital for our QA department when assessing agent performance (KPI). 
    Is there anything Zendeck can offer us as a solution?  

    As it stands, if I am a customer and I spend 10 min Online and then only come to chat, how can we determine if the chat to 5 min to resolve or 15min? 


    It would also be nice to see (in reporting Chat Analytics or Goodata)

    When agents transferred chat.

    Here too this is very difficult to determine how long each agent worked on the chat. 
    James had a chat regarding a refund, he spends 7 min working with the customer to resolve it. In the end, James transfers the chat to Finance. Finance spends 5 min and resolves the issue. The total time spent on the chat was 12 min. 

    Now for us, if an agent spends 12 min on a chat...... that raises a question WHY. But if I can see that 2 agents worked on the chat 7 and 5 min respectively. That would make a world of a difference. 



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