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    Peter Harzewski

    Hi Nora:  Glossary is helpful, however may need further update?  My premium plan reports on the following in our Agent Leaderboard:

    # Agent Chats Completed Satisfaction Wait Time (Served) Response Time Duration

    I do not see a clear definition for "Wait Time (Served)" and have had slightly different explanations on this.  Also for "Response Time" need to know what interval is being measured here, and if it overlaps any other metric (such as Wait Time Served).   Thank you.


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    Kate Savaria

    @Peter - I would love a clear explanation on Wait Time (Served) as well! +1 to you

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    Diego García

    Hello, I do not see information about the measure "Assigned chats". Additionally, why in the csv export, this number is higher than the sum of "Missed, Dropped and Completed"?


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