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    Madhan Premsha

    Already paid for the order but still not received any receipt

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Madhan, think you might have the wrong website. We sell subscription based Chat software. If you are having trouble with your account, please email

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    Heather MacAlister

    I have been trying  for 5 days after paying and then I cancelled and then you took my money but I still had 21 days left of the what I had paid for and not I cannot log in - your support really sucks.

    Why don't you use the chat option for communicating with clients if its so good ??

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Heather,

    Sorry that you are having trouble with your account. I see that you have an open ticket already for the issue, I have asked the support team to get back to you to resolve the issue.

    The chat option for support is available if you are logged into the product. You should hear back from the support team soon on your existing ticket.



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