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    NIkhil Shimpi

    Hi I understand this customization to chat widget for website.

    How can I obtain the same ui on android app?

    For example, Currently app has, back icon and "Chat" text and cross icon.
    I want to have an avatar image of agent instead of back icon.
    And concierge - display title and byline text instead of "chat" text.


    How can I achieve the same using android sdk?
    Few suggested to override back_icon resource with profile icon. But I need to update the icon based on agent with whom the user is interacting.

    Please help.

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    Is there a way to automatically minimize the chat window upon loading the page?

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    Even i'm on pro plan and activated the chat widget outside the support product, i cant see neither Chat Badge not Chat Button sections under appearance tab . (Chat Window section only lists "mobile widget" title , no "Top Title or "Simple / Classic  titles )


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    Ross Newton

    I guess I set up Chat by creating an account within Zendesk Support (not really sure though since Zendesk is so confusing). I'm not seeing all the really cool customization features of the chat widget.

    Is there a way to get access to these?

    Are you saying that I'm punished for having a Zendesk Support account and setting up Chat through it? Versus just using Chat by itself?

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