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    Jennifer Holmes

    We have started using these proactive chats quite a bit. However there doesn't appear to be a way where we can prompt the customer to give us their name and email address so they just get known as "Visitor 1499859311" which is not very good when they are your key contacts Any ideas how we can get round this issue.

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    Jessica Hopcraft

    Would the trigger only fire during business hours?

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    Sergiu Birca

    Hi Jessica,

    The Schedule functionality (that can be used to set up business hours) will not allow agents to set themselves as Online outside of business hours. As a consequence, the widget will not be in the active state and the proactive trigger will not be applied.


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    Annette Bernardino

    Can I hyperlink text in the initial chat message? 

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    Jose Gonzales

    I agree with Jennnifer. Is there a way to capture the customer's name and email if a trigger has been sent?


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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    @Annette if you enter a URL, it should automatically get hyperlinked in the widget.

    @Jose there is no way to present the pre-chat form to collect that information when a trigger fires. One solution customers have done is send two messages in the trigger, the second asking them for their name and email address. Then, the agent can fill the information out for the visitor. 

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    Ferdi Mack

    @Ramin it would be extremely useful if we could get the pre-chat form to still be required even if a trigger initiates an outbound chat in order to require the user to input their identifying info (name, email address). I view this as a rather important option that you should offer. The chat-initiating triggers are of little use to us otherwise, and we'd really like to use them!

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