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    Michelle Dong

    Is the "Offline Form" section still available for Basic accounts? I'm missing it on my account.

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hey Michelle,

    Thanks for the question. As you are using the contact form via the Web Widget, it removes the offline form functionality in chat.

    If you want to use the offline form instead of the ticket form in the web widget for some reason, deactivating the contact form in the Web Widget settings will return the offline form settings in the Zopim Widget settings.

    As a joint Zopim+Zendesk customer, I would personally recommend you use the ticket form in the Web Widget over the offline form.


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    Crawford Philleo

    Is there a way to append the offline form to include a space for users to leave us more information about their request, like an order number?

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi there Crawford,

    Since you are using Zendesk and Zopim, you might want to look at using the Zendesk contact form option in the Web Widget over Zopim offline messages because it allows you to offer a custom field (like an order number).

    You can get more info on the Web Widget contact form here:

    We have no immediate plans to offer custom fields in the offline form.


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    Menno Holtkamp

    We are using the Zopim Chat Widget in combination with our Zendesk account. I am currently trying to change the offline message using the API (not using admin interface so we can maintaining ability for i18n), but it seems this does not work?

    $zopim(function () {
    $zopim.livechat.offlineForm.setGreetings('Custom text in local language goes here!');

    Additionally, we would like to use the general 'set' function:


    Little documentation can be found about the possible options... Only some trivial settings in the example:

    Some of our customers do not understand the concept of "WebShop" and try to place orders through chat, therefore we would like to slightly alter the text to discourage this behavior.

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Menno,

    If you are using the Zendesk Web Widget and want to use the Zopim JS APIs, you need to wrap the code with a :

    zE(function() {

    Without using the zE(function() { none of the Zopim specific APIs will get applied.


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