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    Jeff Noles

    Why in the world are you changing this? We've tried V2 since the beginning but have now switched back....V1 = all 3 agents see transcripts and can scan to identify emerging questions/issues; V2 = see unnecessary emails (chat's already been taken!) and then don't even receive transcripts so can't stay on top of emerging issues. We're concerned Zopim if following Zendesk's lead of exclusively developing features for big customer at the expense of smaller ones (and I'm not even sure how V2 helps bigger customers).

    Please allow users to choose *between* either V1 and V2 in the settings

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    Harish Chilbule

    Hi Jeff, I appreciate your feedback.

    In V1, a chat ticket does not get created until a chat ends and this delays the follow up actions on a chat ticket. In V2, a chat ticket is created as soon as a chat starts so that agents can take private notes or assign the chat ticket to a department or person while a chat is still ongoing. The chat transcript is appended in the end so that it does not miss any part of conversation.

    I agree that V2 create more email notifications to chat agents but these can be tweaked using zendesk trigger rules to so that notices are sent when a chat ends. You can do this by using a trigger like has text "chat ended" or chat_ended tag and suppress email until a chat ends.

    Apart from these workflow changes, V2 brings the complete new system which is designed to handle unreliability in network or even minor service outages. We handle huge number of chats and tickets and to support this volume we had to re-architect the system which in now V2.


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    Antti Rajakangas

    Hi There,

    We're happy with all these changes however it would be great for our agents if they could view all their chats at the same time rather than only being able to choose having them in the sidepanel or in the middle at the same and then having to toggle between the chats.

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