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    Evgeny Smolovich

    It's not working for me.

    When I try to set language using setLanguage method or using set method, I always get first language in a list of available languages.

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    Dan Ross (Edited )

     do the zopim chat api parameters need to be wrapped in a zE(function() to work with the Web Widget?

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    Thomas D'Hoe

    I don't see the option for setting up 1 language under General Prefereces. Account:

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    Alex (Edited )

    I am having the same problem. Our environment only has one language enabled. The option for selecting/forcing a language is not visible.

    Any advice is welcome, thanks.

    (on english browser lang) :

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    Ramin Shokrizadeh

    Hi Thomas and Alex,

    The language dropdown does not appear in the Chat dashboard if you are using the Web Widget.

    You can learn more about the Web Widget language behaviour and settings here:



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