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    Tugberk Hasanoglu

    Hi there,

    Thanks for sharing these practices. Is it possible to define a goal for any zopimchat interaction? Let's say I want to count number of chats as goals on my Analytics accounts so that I can evaluate my Ads performance with zopim interactions.

    Thank you,

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    Abhiroop Basu

    Hey sorry for the delayed response!

    We only aggregate total chat data, but you can see that against your Ads performance.

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    Sean Edwards


    We've recently put this in place to look at our chat conversion rate.

    -Does this only pick up conversions that have occurred during the chat?

    -Is there any way to track those that convert after a chat? (Eg. they chatted and then come back and convert the next day).


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    Abhiroop Basu

    Hi Sean

    Great to hear you're able to use it.

    To answer your question - the method described above only picks up conversions where the chat has been served by an agent. If you like you can remove that filter to see all conversions.

    Google Analytics should track conversions even if the customer leaves the page. This is because GA leaves a cookie on the customers browser and tracks them when they come back. 


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