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Using the Widget Security settings inside of the dashboard, you can restrict what countries and domains can load the chat widget.

Note: If you use the Web Widget with Zendesk, keep in mind that the blacklist and whitelist settings below impact only chat availability and will not affect the Help Center or contact form experience. 

Adding countries to the blacklist

Prevent the widget from loading in certain countries by adding them to the blacklist. You might want to use this setting if you live in a locale where there are legal restrictions against doing business with certain other countries. If you don't enable this setting, the widget will load for all visitors regardless of the country they're located in.

To add and remove countries from the blacklist

  1. From the Zopim dashboard, go to Settings Widget Widget Security tab.
  2. Next to Blacklist Countries, select On.
  3. To add a country to the blacklist, select it from the dropdown menu. 
  4. To remove a country from the blacklist, click on it.
  5. Click Save Changes

Adding domains to the whitelist

Specify the trusted domains you want the widget to load on by adding them to the whitelist. Enabling this feature prevents others from taking your widget code snippet and putting it on their own websites. 

You can enter an unlimited number of URL paths. It will do an exact match with what was entered. Entering will mean the widget will only load for that specific subdomain, and not all of If you want to support all subdomains, you can use a wildcard (for example, *

Note: If you want to support the ability for your visitors to pop out the chat widget on desktop or mobile, make sure to whitelist 

To add domains to the whitelist

  1. From the dashboard, go to Settings Widget Widget Security tab.
  2. Next to Whitelist Domains, select On.
  3. Enter the domains you want to whitelist in the field. To add additional domains, click the button.
  4. Click Save Changes.
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