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    Angela Hayes

    I like the potential of Capacity. However, I see it counting the total number of agents logged in, not just the agents who are logged in and available. We often have agents go invisible or away (and so are not accepting chats, therefore not really adding "capacity").

    As an improvement, my team would benefit if we could either filter capacity just by available agents, or if we could see a breakdown of capacity based on which status the agents have selected at the given time.

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    Abhiroop Basu

    Hi Angela

    Thanks for your feedback and we're aware of the issue you mentioned. That's actually one of the reasons Capacity is still in "beta". We are looking at putting out a fix for the issue you mentioned. Please keep an eye on this post for a future update.

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    Greg S

    Any update on this? Angela hits it on the head here. All agents when going on break or lunch would set status to invisible or away which make capacity inaccurate. 

    Thank you!

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