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Managing a large support team can be challenging, but with Zopim it’s relatively simple to segment your agents into different groups, or as we call them Departments.

Today we’re updating Departments to accommodate two common requests - a filtered Visitor List and chat transfers.


Filter the Visitor List by Department

Until today, Zopim let you filter the Visitor List and the Visualization tab primarily by the activity of the visitor - the page they were on, the browser they were using, and so on. However, if you managed a large support team across multiple Departments it became vital for you to monitor which teams were overstaffed and which ones needed more help.

To address this problem, we're introducing a new Department filter on the Visitor List. This filter will let you see how many chats each team is handling at one time.

To filter the Visitor List by Department click on Visitor List and in the dropdown select “Department”:

This will group all your website visitors according to the Department they are chatting with.

You’ll notice that some visitors will have “No Department”. This is because a visitor is only assigned to a Department once they start a chat.


Filter Visualizations by Department

Just like the Visitor List, you can also filter the Visualizations tab by Department.


Other Filters in the Visitor List

You can also filter the Visitor List and the Visualization tab using the following groups:

  • Activity - what the visitor did on your site
  • Page Title - the title of your site
  • Page URL - the URL of your site
  • Country - the country where the visitor is located
  • Serving Agent - the agent serving the chat
  • Browser - the browser used by the visitor
  • Search Engine - for example Google, Bing or Yahoo
  • Search Term - the keyword the customer used to come to your website


Transfer Chats Back to Department

In Zopim it’s possible for agents in a chat to transfer it to another Department.

The purpose of this feature is to give agents an easy way to transfer a chat to another team that could offer more assistance. For example, the support team transferring a chat to the billing team.

However, one major limitation of this feature is that agents are not able to transfer chats back to their own Department. This poses a number of unique problems.

  • Multiple Departments: If agents are part of many Departments they cannot transfer the chats into those Departments. This is especially an issue as many admins are part of multiple Departments.
  • Chat Assignment: Simply allowing an agent to transfer a chat back to his own Department will mean that he may receive the same chat again (if Chat Routing is enabled).
  • Notification: Our current transfer system message does not mention who transferred the chat if it is sent to a Department.

Our update today allows agents to transfer the chat they are in to any Department, including their own. However, the system takes note of which agent transferred the chat and hides the incoming chat from them.

We are also tweaking the system message to show the name of the agent who transferred the chat and the Department/agent that received the chat.

Finally, we will not allow a user to transfer a chat to a department where he is the only person online.

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