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Smartphone batteries are not evolving as fast as we want and they unfortunately they don't last forever. Smartphone batteries are drained mostly by those big, luscious screens and occasionally some taxing apps. With that, there are still a number a few things you can do to increase the battery life of your smartphone while using the our Android app.

The settings described below are available under Menu icon () > Settings . For more information, see Managing Android app settings.

Push notifications

Push notifications preserve battery life by allowing the application to alert you to important chat events without remaining continuously connected. Push notifications are enabled by default.

While we recommend using them if at all possible, push notifications aren't supported in certain regions, like China. If you're using the app in one of these regions, you'll need to disable push notifications in order to receive notifications when the app is in the background. Of course, this means the app will remain continuously connected and will drain your battery more quickly. You might also need to take additional steps to make sure the app works on your device without push notifications. For details, see LINK.

Incoming visitor notifications

When this setting is enabled, you'll receive a notification for every single visitor to your site with the Zendesk Chat widget, regardless of whether they initiate a chat. To maximize battery life, we recommend keeping this setting disabled, which is the default setting, especially for high traffic sites.

Chat request notifications

Enabling this setting means you'll receive a notification each time a visitor starts a chat. New chat request notifications are also fired for every message until an agent joins the chat. If you have a relatively low number of requests on your site and want to be notified of each one, leaving this setting enabled shouldn't have a huge negative impact on your battery life. However, if you have a high traffic site with a lot of chat requests, we recommend disabling it to save battery.

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