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What agent workflows have changed from the previous version of the app?

The location or logic of some options are different than the previous versions of the app. Here's an overview of the updates:

To change your status

  • Tap the menu icon (), then tap your avatar or name.
  • Select Online, Away, or Invisible to update your status.
To chat with another agent
  1. Tap the menu icon (), then select Team.
  2. Tap agent's name from the list or start typing to search agents.
  3. Click the X when finished to end the chat.
To view visitor details
  • From a chat session, tap the profile icon next to the visitor name on upper-right.
  • Review contact, location, and web path details in the Profile tab. To view details about previous chats, tap the Past Chats tab.
To ban a visitor
  1. Tap the visitor’s name you want to ban.
  2. Tap the overflow (⋮) icon on the upper-right.
  3. Tap Ban visitor. Optionally, enter a reason in the Reason field
  4. Tap BAN VISITOR to finalize.

How can I change my notification settings?

See Managing Android app settings for details.

I'm located in a region where push notifications aren't supported. Can I still use the app?

Yes, but there are a few considerations and additional steps to take. For details, see Disabling push notifications.

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