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Thanks everyone for giving your feedback on the new user interface and for taking the time to explain your workflow. We are working with the team to try and bring back the logged in agent list onto the side navigation panel, and we ask for your patience in the meantime.

We are also investigating the problem with the smaller windows.


In the last few years Zopim has grown and evolved significantly. We are able to support large global teams, we integrate seamlessly with Zendesk, we work on popular mobile platforms, and we’ve built many new features to support our growing customer base.

In recent months, we spent time analyzing user interaction data, visiting customers in their workplace, and listening to your feedback to truly understand how customers interact with Zopim chat. Our conversations led us to improvements in two core areas of our product:

  1. Modernization - Updated user interface to improve agent productivity
  2. Feature hierarchy - Simplified organization to improve feature discovery

We’ve made a number of changes to improve usability, but these will not change the fundamental way in which agents interact with your customers or how your customers communicate with your team. Incoming chats will remain unchanged, admins will find settings in the same place, and customer experience (i.e. the widget on your website) will not change at all.


Modernization - A cleaner interface

The main update we are making is a complete overhaul of the design patterns used within Zopim. This won’t change any of the user interactions you are familiar with, however it will impact your overall experience with the product.

Here’s what we've changed:

First, we’ve improved the spacing and padding across the product to make it easier to find the information you are looking for, leaving you more time to spend chatting with customers. 

Menu options in the sidebar are clearly differentiated and less prone to incorrect selections. Further, longer tables of information (such as Chat History) have increased white space making them more legible, especially across different screen sizes.

Second, we’re releasing a new set of icons to help new customers familiarize themselves with Zopim’s features at a glance.


Finally, the incoming chat button is getting a new animation.

We noticed agents weren’t always noticing incoming chats. So now the “request” button will pop out more prominently, alerting agents that a customer is waiting to be served. This should lead to less missed chats and reduced wait times for customers.


Feature Hierarchy - A simplified menu structure

As we’ve added features into Zopim, it’s gotten confusing for agents and admins to find what they’re looking for. To start addressing this problem, we’ve reworked the menu hierarchies:


  1. The Visitor List and Visualizations tab have been merged. This will make it easier to drill-down into specific visitor info in the Visitor List, while getting a bird's eye view of all activity in the Visualizations tab.


  1. The complete list of logged in agents has been grouped into “Team”. This shows which agents are online within each department and their availability (based on the number of chats they are serving and their chat limit.


  1. The personal settings of the user have been separated from the chat status options and moved to the top-right of the dashboard. This separates the agent status with the agent profile settings. It’s now also clearer where the personal profile settings now live.

  1. Finally, all “Settings” options are grouped and collapsed together. This makes the Dashboard less overwhelming for team members, letting them focus on serving chats. Admins can still find all the settings in the same place within those menus.

Designing for User Experience and Brand

At Zendesk our brand is more than a logo, the typeface, or the illustrations. In fact, the user experience and the way our products make you feel are all intrinsic elements of the brand.

To that end, today is the first phase in a series of planned feature and user experience  improvements. Over the next few months our user research team will be working with customers around the world to see how Zopim’s new look behaves in the real world. We will use the new data and feedback to roll out updates to the way Zopim looks, functions, and feels. These updates will adopt modern design standards suited for different screen sizes, build a consistent flow across Zendesk products, and importantly, improve your overall experience with Zopim.


Let us know what you think about Zopim's new look in the comments.

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    We have been using Zopim for years. Our agents need to see online agents on the left frame on Zopim Dashboard because of our type of work.

    Is it possible for you to create a new option on New Zopim Dashboard to see online agents directly on the left frame like former dashboard interface?

    Or is it possible for you to design "Team" window like a chat window? Because it would be better to scroll on the visitor list page while seeing online agents.

    We hope you consider our feedbacks as soon as possible. Because this request is really important for our praticability.

    Mustafa Gündoğdu

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    We have the same need to see available agents at a glance.
    We have a dashboard display either the Monitor or Visitor list (visual), so everyone in the office are able to check who and if we are online.

    If we could somehow dock the Team overlay to one of the sides that would probably work.

    Love the new design otherwise.

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    Same needs as described above. Hard to see which agents are available, online, offline (lunch), etc.

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    We also need the same ability as described above, not really sure why this was removed with this recent update, but it's the biggest impacting thing to our business, would like to see a fix implemented for this so we can view all of the agent online again without having to move into the "Team" tab.

    While the agents are still listed when you have the chat window open (active or not) it's just more wasted screen space and requires you to scroll (which you often didn't need to do in the old system).

    Last couple of updates to Zopim and Zendesk while great ideas seemed to not be thought out 100% on how they would impact the end users.

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    Hi All,

    Thank you for your feedback on the logged in agents list. The reason why we took it out is because it is just not scalable to display all the logged in agents in the side navigation panel. I agree that the team modal can be better designed, and we are exploring more options to be able to surface logged in agent list in a better manner so that it is both easy to reach out to any agent at the same time not clutter the side panel.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post your feedback

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    Zopim seems to have their head in the sand. Agreed with all comments above.

    How this statement is so wrong: "Modernization - Updated user interface to improve agent productivity

    - How productivity is increased when we need to click THREE times to access list of online agents and same amount of click to chat with another agent

    - How productivity is increased when we used to be able to see over 20 chats on a screen and now reduced to 4 or max 10 (depending on screensize) ? We now need to keep scrolling up and down ALL the times to see customers. (OUR BUSINESS INTERACT WITH ALL user (all type of activity: Triggered, idled, served, etc...So we cannot group by activity).

    Yunen, your answer about scalable is understandable but also upsetting.
    I will translate as "We don't care anymore about small businesses (between 1 and 10 agents), our focus is now only on big account.

    We have 7 agents, and doubling this during peak period. Please listen to small businesses and our feedback

    You are no longer the only player in town and the are plenty of other options for online chats.

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    I agree with Musteri's comment regarding the team.

    Also, as an Admin, I do not take chats so I am always invisible. On the old dashboard it would help me see when chats were waiting next to the chat request button (would be greyed out as was not online) as well as the visitor list.

    On the new dashboard...you can only see chats waiting on the visitor list and I am not always looking at the visitor list. When you are off the visitor list you can still see the 'chat request' button. So as an admin this was great to see as at a glance I knew a chat was waiting in the queue and was not being served. This feature is not there anymore... could you please look into adding this again?

    Please see below example... viewing analytics but can see chat request button. If enabled again I would be able to see a chat waiting in the queue.



    Edited by Andrew Laidler
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    Hi all,
    Thanks for taking the time to explain and elaborate your workflow I am working with the team to try and bring back the logged in agent list onto the side navigation panel, and we ask for your patience in the meantime.

    For the smaller windows problem, we will continue to investigate and look into it for the time being.

    Thank you all for your feedback, and please free to comment anytime to help make Zopim better

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    @Andrew, the serve next button show work exactly as it should have in the past. This may be a bug. I created a ticket for you, and will get our technical support to look into this issue for you.

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    Hello. Your interface takes a lot of useful space of the page http://i.imgur.com/vgcd8dK.png

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    I just logged in to address the same issue as @Сергей

    By rethinking the dropdown menues on the visitor list page, it should be possible to add an additional 30-40% more chats without compromising the overview

    On another note it would be great if we got the opportunity to showcase the logged in agents on a separate page in a cool view. That said without the need to pay for an additional user

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    Pretty much agree with all mentioned above. Specifically not being able to see that at least one other agent is online without clicking through various menus.

    The new layout of the Visitors list is not efficient (space wise). As I have multiple windows open typically my browser / chat window is set half (screen) width. Content doesn't size / wrap properly. I have switched browser zoom level to 75%, which makes it work better, but now I need glasses.

    On the positive side, the left hand 'zopim' pane looks a bit nicer since the most recent change. I had no complaints about the old version, it worked fine.

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    We've got the issue of not seeing agents either. Also, default size of the screen on a 13" Macbook PRO retina means I have to scroll across to see number of active visitors, which is annoying. Using the application inside Zendesk. This is when in fullscreen on Safari.

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    I agree with all of these comments. Definitely need to bring back the ability to view available agents.

    Edited by Michael Stone
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    Our team really misses being able to see the available agents at a glance. Generally speaking, improvements should reduce agent clicks. One of the biggest challenges of working as a chat agent is that every click reduces how quickly we can respond to chats.

    Unfortunately, the changes to the "Team" and "Visitors" both increase the number of clicks that need to be taken in order to find critical information. Please make this information easier to see at a glance.

    As for Zopim's integration with Zendesk - there are a couple of things that can be improved to make this truly seamless.

    1) We'd like to see "user tags" from Zendesk brought back over to Zopim. This change was made almost a year ago and has greatly disrupted our work flow. The "user tags" allowed us to see Zendesk Organization and User data at a glance, without clicking out of Zopim.
    2) Please integrate with Zendesk's "Answer Suggestion" app. Having to locate our Knowledge Base resources in a second tab is a huge inconvenience. The drag and drop function currently available in Zendesk tickets would be a game changer, if made available from Zopim.

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    I honestly did not like, according to the comments above is explained because...

    I would write more but I'm very busy now by clicking on the Zoopim chat buttons

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    As with many others in the string, I too preferred showing on line agents and their status within the left hand view. This provides a quick view for me and my agents that we use frequently. The new option is a poor upgrade.

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    The inability to see the status of the current agents logged in is a huge problem for us and has caused a great deal of issues. As the administrator, I am often lurking in the background and watching to see if anyone needs help. I know which agents are strong and which ones need more support. When someone goes invisible for break (or answers a phone) and leaves a less capable agent alone on chat I am more alert to supporting them. For the agents, they have lost the ability to easily see their co-workers status when they are busy, and mutli-tasking. It is complicated now to chat another agent, which we do frequently. Also, during our busy times, we often have upward of 150 or more visitors active on our website. The new design spreads out the visitors, and will now wrap them more making it necessary to scroll to see the list. I applaud Zopim for looking for ways to improve their services, and appreciate that continued support but this new design does not meet our needs at all. This is the first time I have considered looking at other chat applications to see if any would be a better fit.

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    I like the new UI except the visitor list view. I can only view maximum of 7 visitors at a time. It is too small. There's wasted space in the top area of the 'Visitor' window.

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    I'm not too keen on the fact that the Visitors page (https://dashboard.zopim.com/#visitors/visitor_list/state) now shows less info than before, forcing me to do more scrolling than before. The more clicks, scrolls and interaction to get to information the worse an interface is. There's some changes in the new interface that I like (the whole panel on the left seems cleaner - although you can't see all agents logged in as many have mentioned). However, having less information (rows) in the visitors page is a step back in my books.

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    the previous look was mor convinient for me. The space between the visitors lines are too big

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    The major issue for us (except agent's list which was mentioned plenty times before) is that now if browser tab(window) with Zopim in it isn't active(been always opened) - it doesn't update the data & all the information on the page untill you open up this tab in your browser, and still you have to wait pretty much time while Zopim will upload everything that happend during period of time while the tab(window) wasn't opened(active).
    For example, I'm a superviser of the group & do my particular job (in other browser tabs(windows), then I want to check how it's going in chat, so I get back to Zopim tab(window) & when I open it up, I can't do nothing, because Zopim starts to upload everything that happened(all the chats been serverd & closed) for whole period of time (could be even few hours) untill sinchronisation will be ended..
    This is very inconvenient

    So the question is: could you bring back the synchronization process like it was before in older version?-Then Zopim has been updating itself all the time even if the tab(window) with it wasn't open (unlike for now).

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    As many I agree that the space between the visitors lines is really too big.
    I can see less visitors than before and it is harder to read because of too much space.
    Just imagine a book with that kind of spaces between the lines, it would be unreadable.
    Please reverse to the previous look as soon as possible.
    IMO a beta test with many customers would be better instaed changing the look " just like that ".

    Edited by Chris TheKingOfKings
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    Hi all,
    Thank you for your overwhelming feedback on the visitor list. The team is looking into this feedback and see how we can improve the layout.

    @Vladimir, the underlying updating of the dashboard should still function as per normal. I'm not quite sure what you are referring to. I've create a ticket on your behalf, and will follow up from there.

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    We have the same need to see available agents at a glance.

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    Adding my 5 cents in: I can see a ton less users that are currently on site. It is much harder to see who is doing what (what pages they're visiting, etc). Don't really care about agents.
    Also, the mobile app: in order to switch between Online/Away/Invisible status, I need to click a bunch of times, this used to be done so quickly before!

    Please revert the update

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    It would be so useful to see all the agents on the left panel again!

    Also it would be great to export all the chats that have been rated 'Good' or 'Bad' with the feedback. At the moment, I have to manually go into each chat that has been rated to see if a comment has been made. Not good use of my time.

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    Hi Mel,

    Like Yunen has mentioned earlier, the Team tab is coming back soon. The team are putting the finishing touches on it now.

    As for the chat ratings being exported, exporting chat details does include a column called rating_score and rating_comment in the CSV file.

    You can look at this link to learn more about exporting the chat details to CSV: https://zopimsupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/212016688-Browsing-past-chats-in-History


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    Peeter Mark
    Oct 13, 13:33 PDT


    Asking feedback about the new layout?
    This is what I don't like: http://prntscr.com/ctia7o
    I don't want to have the window to cover all the time my whole screen. If I
    make it smaller, part of it disappears behind the edge.
    Other then that, very nice layout, I like it.

    P Mark

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    Hey folk,

    Quick update: As of today, you should see the Team tab with the list of agents online in the side navigation bar again. Thank you for your patience while we iterate on the new design based on your constructive feedback.

    More updates and tweaks are in the pipeline to address other concerns raised.


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