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Another useful function of Chat and Agent Reports is the ability to filter by departments. Besides letting you monitor which departments receive the most chats, you can also use this function to see if your agents are able to answer questions relating to different departments.  

Filter individual reports by department


Take Vincent, for example. To see his performance in answering questions from the Billing department, filter his individual report by Billing matters.


After filtering, Vincent’s CSAT fell from 50% to 33.3%, suggesting his performance decreased when answering questions related to billing. However, this might not mean that he is inept at answering billing questions. It could indicate that customers asking billing questions are generally more impatient or difficult to satisfy.

To find out more, you can compare Vincent’s rating to the department average.

Comparing to the department average

Scrolling down, you’ll see Vincent’s ratings in comparison to the department average. It seems that the department average satisfaction rating is significantly higher than Vincent’s. So, it might be a good time to send him for more training on billing matters.

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