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There’s a difference between agents “logged in” and actually “serving chats”. Sometimes, even though an agent is logged in for 3 hours, he can only spend 2.5 hours serving chats. This means that you might need to deploy more agents in order to maintain high customer satisfaction rates.

Overlaying wait Time and chats served


By overlaying wait time and chats served, you can see the days in which chats were lower, but the average wait time was high.

Drill down to agents logged in

By drilling down to Agent Reports and then selecting the Agents Logged In tab, you can see the agents logged in as well as the amount of time they were online.

Drill down to agents serving


Comparing the previous table to the Agents Serving table, you can see if any agents were online and not serving chats. However, in the case where all agents were online and actually serving, it might be useful to deploy more agents to deal with increased chat requests.

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